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Certified Therapy Horse Association


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Forms and Documents

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Certification Manual for CTH


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Certifications Goals & Standards

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Certified Therapy Horse Association (CTHA®™)

The certification of therapy horses is imperative for horses used in any kind of Equine Counseling. Whether or not, these powerful, magnificent healing animals are used in Equine Counseling for the emotional growth of  clients, the need for certification is great. The public's safety and the therapy horse's humane treatment are the first areas of importance for CTHA. Thus, prerequisite training and documented hours in the field and during each counseling session is vital. As well as weekly documentation whether or not the therapy horse is being used for counseling or not. Other forms of providing these standards are: regular veterinary check-ups, shod, health/feed records, posting of personal rights for complaints, unannounced inspections, incident reports, complaint investigations, and collaboration with other governing boards. These and other guidelinges have been established to maintain and add credibility to the experiential approach to counseling, which in turn ensures public safety, the humane treatment of these professionals, and enhance scientific research.
Moreover, we believe that it is important for the public, the realm of Human Services, those professionals that are trained, all that seek training, and any interested parties that a clear understanding of Equine Assisted Therapy/Counseling (EAT/EAC) is given. A definition of EAT/EAC has been given to us to use by Pegasus ECT. It is the standard that we encourage all to read and to use: