Letter From NACPET’s CEO & Founder

Dear Friends,

My passion and love for horses began when I was a young girl. My connection with horses began before I was able to speak or walk. Throughout the years, I felt this inner calling from above that I was going to help others through horses in some manner. To the best of memory and from what my family and friends have shared with me, is that people would always want to come to me in confidence for advice, opinions, and a shoulder to cry on. I knew I had this energy, this sense of compassion and ability to listen with true sincerity, which was and is a true gift from God. However, I resisted it too because it scared me – it felt incomplete for some reason.

Not until my early thirties, was I able to devote the time or money to begin my journey with horses. As fate would have it, I found Annie and she was so humbling to look at. When our eyes first met, I felt this incredible surge of energy that connected us immediately. It was like knowing someone my whole life, yet not ever meeting, until that very moment. Due to the depression I suffered over the years and the challenges I had to endure because of being brought up in a dysfunctional family, it was at this juncture in my life when I suddenly felt purpose, hope and the yearning to truly live. Annie was able to help me open a lot of my fears and wounds I locked away for so long. My seventeen-year-old brother’s murder was one of the greatest areas in my life that needed mending and healing; and my relationship with Annie created that positive opportunity for change and transformed my life. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to share my experiences with others.

At that point, I began my research for certification in Equine Counseling. Since that day, I have since begun my practice in the field of my dreams and passion as a Certified Equine Assisted Counselor; a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor; an Instructor who teaches Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling to students who want to become counselors in this field, and a Provider of Continued Education. I lecture at various treatment centers on a variety of topics pertaining to the disease of Alcohol and Drugs; and I have started my own nonprofit corporations (NACPET, Inc. and CTHA), my lifetime dream is coming true.

Through my life’s experiences, I have been humbled; and currently filled with grace and humility, have witnessed the greatest depths of fears and tragedies to the immeasurable; and immense feeling of inner joy and peace from within and from others. In fact, to be a part of the healing process of another human being cannot possibly be written on paper in a simple fashion. For each person I work with, I get to be a part of the beauty in working with another human being towards solutions with time, effort, patience, love, and I could on. I thank God that I have listened to his guidance and will for me. Moreover, I am living proof that dreams, hopes and visions can and do come true. It has not all been easy; however, every bit of every experience has made it all the more worthwhile.

Thank You for taking the time to read a part of my life journey. God Bless!


Mickey Kay Troxell, CATC II, CEAC II

# 970088-II, # CO30001-II, # PCE4240

CEO & Founder