Mission Statement

CTHA establishes and upholds professional guidelines, standards and practices that protect and recognize horses working the field of equine counseling. While providing for the humane treatment of therapy horses through consistent training, supervision and documentation, we strive to uphold the highest level of safety and ethics in order to ensure the appropriate standard of care for clients who are seeking .

Purpose Statement

The Certified Therapy Horse Association (CTHA®™) was founded in December 2001 by Mickey Kay Troxell, CATC ll, CEAC II, #C030001-II, #970088-ll, #PCE 4240, and is a collaboration between the counselor, horse professional, and the horse. We are the ONLY certification board for therapy horses. We were established to create standards and guidelines for utilizing horses in counseling. These guidelines are in place to ensure appropriate help and growth for clients, and most importantly the horse.


Our vision is to have individuals and specific groups learn, grow, end experience the healing power of horses on a personal and remedial level.  Individuals will experience basic horsemanship and direct interactions with the horses, which will aid in their emotional growth and enrich their lives and enhance their self-awareness. Our goal is to provide the proper requirements to certify horses worldwide, in order to bring light to this wonderful aspect of human services. Utilizing horses in counseling is extremely beneficial, as it creates the best environment for healing, and sets the stage for a hopeful and progressive track in life.


Our operations include, but are not limited to: certification of therapy horses or (CTH) a process of extensive documentation, training, inspections, health and feed records, veterinarian approval, and work/training outside of counseling. The horse must have 50 hours of documented EAT/EAC sessions by an approved equine specialist/horse professional. Accreditation (NACPET) and dual accreditation (NACPET & CTHA) for facilities utilizing certified staff and/or horses is also available. Annual membership and liability insurance is required for all certified professionals; and these funds help with the operations of the organization, including appropriating grants to other organizations for equine services
 growth, scientific research, no cost services to at risk youth, veterans, Native Americans, and low income children.